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Safeguard your real estate investment with PPM.

Our proven approach is built on managing thousands of rental properties. It starts with personalized service. It’s backed by systematic processes for managing your home and proprietary software for comprehensive accounting & financial management.

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Foreign Service Officers, State Department and World Bank employees, military personnel and property owners worldwide depend on Professional Property Management of Northern Virginia to:

Simplify owning and renting a single family home, townhouse or condo

Maximize the property value and security of your investment

Be informed with honest answers and prompt communications

Save time and money on maintenance, plus receive discounts on appliances, carpeting and more

Rest easy knowing every detail is handled with the utmost care and best knowledge


image descriptionI can’t even imagine how I would have managed living out of state and tending to a tenant on my own. PPM has made this such an easy process and for that I am grateful.image descriptionVictor Ovando