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Preferred Contractors

Leaky faucet? Finicky light switch? It’s 100 degrees outside and your AC doesn’t work? Having the right contractor to do the job and not break the bank makes home repairs and maintenance a whole lot easier. So how do you find the right contractor? Talk to neighbors, friends, coworkers and your Property Manager. Read online reviews. Make... [Read More]
Should You Allow Pets In Your Rental Property

Should You Allow Pets?

Whether or not to allow your tenants to have pets is a matter of assessing the risks to determine... [Read More]

Screening Tenants

Any good property manager will tell you that tenant screening is one of the most critical aspects of the... [Read More]
Spring Tips for Renters

Spring Tips for Renters

Set yourself up to enjoy the warm weather in your rental home with these Spring maintenance tips. Check the... [Read More]
Getting Your Rental Property Ready

Rent Ready Checklist

A new lease means getting your property rent ready – fresh and clean with appliances, plumbing fixtures, windows and... [Read More]

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How Much Rent Can You Get - Setting the Right Price

Setting The Right Price

One of the first questions I’m asked by homeowners who are considering renting their property is ‘how much will... [Read More]