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Whether you’re an absentee owner, investor, or first-time landlord, Professional Property Management of Northern VA has the knowledge and answers you need to save time, money and simplify owning a rental home. Have questions that aren’t covered here? Please contact us.

How do you find and qualify renters?

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A property listing is prepared, highlighting the sought-after attributes of your home, and posted on the MLS, Military by Owner and other reputable rental websites. Prominent signage is placed on the property, alerts are sent to our extensive network of agents and we offer commissions and bonus incentives to motivate thousands of real estate agents to rent your home.


Next, we process rental applications, run credit checks, verify employment and contact rental references (current and previous landlords). As part of preparing and negotiating the lease, we adhere to Fair Housing and Landlord/Tenant laws, and explain expectations to tenant: rent must be paid on time, home inspections will occur every six months and maintenance concerns and repair issues must be reported immediately.

What deposits and fees are renters required to pay?

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There is a fee of $55 per person for processing the Rental Application. The standard security deposit is equal to one month’s rent, plus any additional security and pet deposits negotiated and agreed upon by the homeowner and tenant. A full month’s rent is collected at or before move-in.

What is the move-in process for new tenants?

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A detailed property inspection and inventory of the exterior and interior of the property is completed prior to the lease commencement.  A thorough move-in orientation is conducted with the tenant. A PPM property inspector familiarizes the new tenants with the property, outlines all expectations, discusses tenant responsibilities and reviews PPM contact information. Each tenant is assigned to an expert team, which includes a property manager, marketing & leasing specialist, maintenance specialist, inspector and office manager – supported by the accounting team.

How is rent collected?

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Tenants remit the monthly rent electronically via ACH debit or PayLease. Through partnerships with two secure, online payment processors, we make it easy for your tenants to pay rent.

What happens if a tenant doesn’t pay the rent?

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Our custom-designed property management software produces a delinquent rent report and late rent notices. These notices are sent automatically and the accounting department personally and promptly follows up with the tenants.

What if I need to evict a tenant?

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We are proactive and try to anticipate and resolve problems before they require legal action. If a  tenant is unable to meet their rental obligation, we will handle the eviction process quickly and efficiently. We know the Landlord/Tenant laws and eviction procedures and will manage the entire process and represent you should any disputes arise.

Who pays the HOA/Condo dues, taxes, and insurance?

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We can take care of everything or if you prefer, you can make your own payments.  Most property owners prefer to set up autopay, especially for HOA/Condo dues.  If your insurance and/or taxes are not paid via your mortgage, we are happy to handle those payments.

What happens if there is an emergency?

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Our 24/7 on-call staff will immediately respond. Two PPM team members are always available around the clock to provide assistance and address any problem or issue.

Will I be informed of and have approval of repairs before they are made?

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Except in the case of an emergency, any expenditure for the upkeep and protection of your property will not exceed $300 without your prior approval.  If you prefer, you can request notification for all repairs regardless of cost.

How do I know the repair people will do quality work?

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We work with preferred contractors and tradesman who consistently provide us with priority service, excellent quality and competitive rates. While we have long-term relationships (10+ years) with most of our contractors, we continually interview and look for potential vendors that offer quality work at a great price. The contractors we work with are licensed and insured.

How do you ensure compliance with all housing and property laws?

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In these five ways:

  • Full knowledge of federal, state and local real estate laws and practices
  • Thorough understanding of landlord tenant, fair housing and eviction laws
  • Provide disclosure and regulatory information documents to homeowners and tenants
  • Keep up-to-date on law changes with continuing education and professional organizations
  • Maintain all required licensing and insurance

What is your property management fee?

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Contact us to see how our affordable pricing can save you time, money and make owning a rental property stress-free.

Who will be my point-of-contact at PPM?

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The property manager assigned to your team is your lead point-of-contact. Your other team members, consisting of a marketing & leasing and a maintenance coordinator, inspector and office manager, are also available to assist you.


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