Simple Low-Maintenance Landscaping Ideas for Your Rental Property

by Patrick Freeze  8/10/2022

When you own rental properties, it’s important to keep up with landscaping to keep your exterior looking nice all year round. Most prospective tenants want to live in a well-maintained home and pay extra attention to the curb appeal of properties. That said, landlords must keep up with indoor and outdoor property maintenance. Just keep reading if you need some simple, low-maintenance landscaping ideas for your properties. 


Simple Low-Maintenance Landscaping Ideas

Landscaping doesn’t have to be extravagant to appeal to tenants. Instead, you can keep it simple and easy to manage while still incorporating aesthetically pleasing additions. Here are some simple low-maintenance landscaping ideas to consider for your rental property. 

  1. Low-Maintenance Grass
  2. Fresh Mulch
  3. Plants, Shrubs, and Flower Gardens
  4. Patios and Walkways
  5. Drip Irrigation

Low-Maintenance Grass

Opt for a low-maintenance option if you don’t want to continuously maintain the grass at your rental. Several grass options require minimal watering and mowing. Although it may initially be pretty costly, replacing grass with a lower-maintenance option can save you time and money on lawn care. 

You can consider no-mow grass seed mix or low-water grass seed, which both require low maintenance. No-mow grass seed mixes only require watering when it’s planted, then you can count on mowing just once a month, depending on how tall you like the grass. Low-water grass seeds require little water, so you don’t have to depend on your tenants to water the grass. 

Inorganic Mulch

Mulch is great for increasing curb appeal while adhering to low-maintenance landscaping. Mulch helps with weed control and retains moisture, reducing the need for fertilizer and water. That said, there are two types of mulch to choose from–organic or inorganic. 

Organic mulch is less expensive but attracts insects like ants, roaches, and termites. Additionally, some types of organic mulch may be harmful to pets or children, so it’s important to do research before using this type of mulch. 

On the other hand, inorganic mulch is good for water conservation and won’t break down as organic mulch does. Instead, it lasts longer and is a great way to help the environment since it’s made from recycled materials. 

Plants, Shrubs, and Flower Gardens


If you want to spruce up the outside of your rental property, adding plants, shrubs, and flower gardens is a great way to do so. Flowers and plants can help prevent soil erosion and create a lawn or garden border. Not only do they improve the curb appeal of your rental property, but they can reduce the maintenance needs. 

If you want to control weeds even more, consider adding a plastic or cloth barrier. After all, you can’t always rely on tenants to pull weeds and maintain a flower garden. So, an inexpensive option to help reduce weeds in your yard is a flowerbed barrier. Plastic barriers will last longer and require less maintenance. On the other hand, cloth barriers are biodegradable but may need to be replaced often. 

Patios and Walkways

Consider installing a patio and walkways outside your rental home to reduce grass maintenance. Although it will cost more initially, adding a patio to your rental home can increase curb appeal and reduce the need for landscaping. After all, an inviting outdoor oasis can be a major selling point for some tenants. 

Less grass cover means less maintenance. However, don’t forget to periodically clean your hardscaping features, fix any concrete cracks, and ensure tenants take proper care of outdoor patios, furniture, and fire pits. 

Drip Irrigation

Some landlords use sprinklers to ensure their lawns get the water they need. However, an easier, more preferred method is drip irrigation. A drip irrigation system delivers water and nutrients directly to the roots of your plants, trees, or grass on a consistent schedule.

Although it will cost more initially, a drip irrigation system ensures consistent care of your landscaping. In turn, it doesn’t require you to count on tenants or vendors to maintain your rental property’s lawn. 

Tips for Choosing the Best Plants and Shrubs

Planting shrubs and native plants on your lawn can cut back on maintenance needs and increase the curb appeal of your rental. If you’re unsure what types of plants, flowers, and shrubs to add, here are some simple low-maintenance landscaping ideas.

  • Stick with Native Plants
  • Plant Ornamental Grasses
  • Consider Dwarf Shrubs
  • Don’t Go Over Budget
  • Add Ornamental and Evergreen Trees

Stick with Native Plants

Choosing native plants and shrubbery ensures that they will thrive in your specific environment. Additionally, native plants are likely to thrive all season long and grow back year after year, depending on the plant. When selecting plants, pay attention to the environment and weather to ensure the best possible results. 


Plant Ornamental Grasses

If you want a low-maintenance option with a large impact, consider planting ornamental grasses. Grasses can add texture and visual interest to any type of landscaping. To keep ornamental grasses looking great in spring, summer, and fall, make sure to prune them at least once a year. 

Consider Dwarf Shrubs

Dwarf shrubs require little to no pruning, and they’re extremely easy to grow, making them great for landscaping at a rental property. Additionally, small shrubs can add texture, variety, privacy, and some color to your yard. Consider planting some low-maintenance dwarf shrubs like Dwarf Norway Spruce, Magic Carpet Spirea, or French Hydrangea. 

Don’t Go Over Budget

Planting trees, shrubs, and flowers can add up quickly if you choose expensive options. So, to keep it low-maintenance and low-budget, opt for flowers that will grow back each year, like perennials. With proper care, these flowers can save you time, money, and maintenance expenses while providing attractive curb appeal to your property. 

Add Ornamental and Evergreen Trees

Consider adding ornamental or evergreen trees to include privacy and shade in your rental landscaping plan. Evergreen trees provide plenty of shade, add curb appeal, and reduce maintenance at your rental. If this sounds interesting to you, consider adding an ornamental cypress, blue weeping spruce, or arborvitae. 

How Can Landscaping Improvements Add Value?


Even simple, low-maintenance landscaping ideas can add value to your rental property. Not only do landscaping improvements increase value, but they can also attract prospective renters. After all, nobody wants to live in a rental with a run-down lawn and dead flower beds. 

Well-maintained trees and bushes can increase shade at your rental, reducing heating and cooling costs all year round. As a result, tenants save money on utilities, and your property looks more visually appealing. 

To add the most value for the lowest cost, focus on low-maintenance shrubs, flower beds, and watering systems for your lawn. 

Keep Your Lawn Maintained with Property Management

Keeping your rental property maintained all year round can be difficult for a busy landlord, especially if you own several rentals. As such, hiring a professional property management company can ensure your rentals maintain curb appeal and attract prospective tenants. 

That said, if you don’t have the time to perform landscaping and maintenance at each rental property, contact the professionals at Professional Property Management in Northern Virginia. Our dedicated team of property managers can help maximize your ROI, maintain your rentals, and take the stress out of being a landlord. Contact PPM today for comprehensive rental management services. 

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