Add Certainty to Property Management & Leasing

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Competitive Rent Pricing  ·  Securing Tenants  ·  Lease Negotiation  ·  Fair Housing Laws

How much can I ask for rent? How long will it take to find a good tenant who will pay on time? What deposits and fees are renters required to pay?

PPM marketing/leasing specialists leverage their experience and local neighborhood knowledge to efficiently rent your property to qualified tenants at the most competitive price.



  • Assist in preparing property for rent
  • Provide detailed analysis of competitive rents in your neighborhood
  • List property, or if you prefer, coordinate all rental efforts with you or the agent of your choice
  • Prepare MLS listings to highlight the sought-after attributes of your home
  • Advertise with listings on, MRIS, Zillow, Trulia and other reputable rental websites
  • Place a sign and lockbox on the property
  • Alert our extensive referral network to assure we continually receive new rental calls and leads
  • Offer co-op and bonus incentives to motivate thousands of real estate agents to rent your home



  • Screen and qualify prospective tenants via credit checks, employment verification and contact with current and previous landlords
  • Negotiate and prepare leases and renewals
  • Ensure compliance with all state, local and national regulations to fairly serve the owner and tenant
  • Automatic, computer-generated lease expirations, ensuring time to renew leases or put property on the market for rent


image descriptionI have been extremely pleased with PPM’s maintenance support team. They act with a sense of urgency and partner with experienced contractors to quickly address issues around the clock at a reasonable price.image descriptionBryan Airey